About Us

In family business since 1975, over the years some of our services may have changed,
our commitment to QUALITY has not.

Rockbridge Manufacturing started as Rockbridge Castings in 1975 by Ralph Petersen. Ralph started as a sweeper at a pattern and machine shop in Saint Louis, Missouri known as Central Pattern Company. Over the years he worked and when presented the opportunity to become owner and President of the company, he took it. In a commitment to quality and control and to create efficiencies Ralph opened his own casting shop, Rockbridge Castings.  


Ralph was always looking for business opportunities to maximize his employees and materials. With sand on hand for castings, he added sandblasting as a service that Rockbridge Castings provided. 


In 2016, Ralph’s granddaughter Andrea and her husband Daryl Schnelten had the opportunity to purchase Rockbridge Castings. Daryl had been managing the operation for the past few years, he much like Ralph, saw opportunity to expand the services of Rockbridge Castings.  Sandblasting, Powder Coating, Welding and Fabrication… under a new name, more encompassing of its expanded services, Rockbridge Manufacturing.  

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and by appointment.